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How's My Driving?

How's my portrayal of Luke? Do you have any pointers for me? Tell me here! I appreciate any and all concrit given! Comments are screened. |Db


[Luke's in quite a good mood lately. Probably because of all the Christmas cheer going around. He's found that he rather likes the holiday, as it's a chance to give stuff to people without an explanation.

He can be found wandering around with a large bag slung over one shoulder, and more often than not, there's a smile on his face as well as a light, humming tune coming from him. He's pretty much the picture of someone really enjoying what Christmas is all about, and giving to people.

Speaking of which, he has quite a few things to give to his friends.


Afterwards, he'll go straight home, because that took a while and he's cold. Feel free to catch him before he drops off gifts, during, or after! ooc: And if I missed anyone, please drop me a line! I have the worst memory ever, for serious.]

020 [Voice/Action]

[It's cold. For one who does not like the cold very much, they can be pretty miserable. Luke walks through the village, coat unzipped but crossed over his chest and stomach, with a rather irritated look on his face. Dammit. If Guy were here he'd probably frown at him and zip up his coat before talking to him more...

He glares up at the sky and the little flakes of snow falling from it. He has his journal with him, so he slides it out of his pocket and opens it idly, turning on the video option as he keeps staring up at the sky.]

Damn, this is annoying... It feels like we barely even had fall. [He looks down at the journal now.] Does it ever seem like time's passing by really fast for everyone else?

[And thanks to him holding the journal, his coat's flapped open again. If Xion saw him, she'd definitely zip up...]


[With that realization and idea in mind, Luke hurries over to get by a wall, as if that'll help him plan things with everyone else. Then, after some work, he gets some filters ready.]

[Filtered from Xion // 100%]] ... [Filtered from Van and Vanitas // 100%]

A lot of people here know Xion, right? Well, um...

[He remembers Flynn, and how he talked about making Rapunzel's dream come true... Why can't he be as smooth as he was while doing that? There's a little blush on his face and everything... GAH. He'll just clear his throat and keep going. He's already started, so why not?]

Her birthday's coming up on the twentieth. Last time there was a surprise party for her, and I was thinking... Maybe we could do that again this year? Or something like that. October's been a pretty bad month for her. Things are getting better, but... I think she could still use something like the people who care about her celebrating her birthday.

[The fact that she was born... created. The fact that she's alive now...]

So we could hold it... somewhere. And maybe... sometime before sunset. ... I don't really know how to do any of this stuff.

[Definitely not Flynn-worthy. Guh.]

((ooc: I know his last post is being backlogged to all hell, but I'll get tagging that one too. This one was just important to get out like right now. |D

Aaand Anise's thread is now locked 8|b))

019 [Voice/Action]

[On the evening of the 25th, one of the few days where he didn't find himself wearing a mask, he's sitting on the rail of the bridge near his apartment and staring up at the sky. Yes, it's scary, especially with how large and angry the moon looks right now. But he can't help staring, because he's contemplating something. He's pretty sure that it's not the moon getting larger, but coming closer. Maybe it seemed crazy and stupid, but... he can't get the idea out of his head. It's nearly Halloween, the day that terrified the whole of Luceti last year even though he was away for it. One scare tactic after another...

His journal is open by his side, recording the sound of crickets and the river flowing. Eventually, one might hear him speak up, too.]

What's got you so pissed off, anyway?

[It's the moon he's talking to, though he doesn't expect a response. After a few minutes, he turns to pick up his journal and write what he's contemplating about to a certain someone. It takes some work, but he's finally able to get a good filter.]

[Filtered to Asch // 100%]

Did you see the moon, too?

018 [Action]

[Sup, Luceti. There's a certain redhead walking to the bakery.

A certain redhead who's wearing nothing but briefs.

Every now and then, he appears to tug at something below his wrist with a little frown before moving on ahead casually, as if he doesn't even realize that he's pretty much half naked.

At least he's got the body for this kind of thing.]

((ooc: Luke is following The Emperor's New Clothes, although instead of believing his clothes are invisible to those who are stupid or unfit, he just thinks he's actually wearing very nice clothes.))

017 [Voice]

[It's rather late at night when the journal clicks on. Luke had waited until he had calmed down from the nightmare he had to make the post, and good thing, too. Otherwise it'd catch the tremor he surely had in his voice.

Instead, he merely sounds subdued, and maybe a little hesitant.]

Does anyone have any good stories to tell?

Or... any advice on how to get back to sleep? [Nothing he usually does is working right now.]

016 [Action/Video]

Actiony goodness under hurrCollapse )

[A few hours later, the video option of the journal is activated, and Luke's face appears on the other side. He's not looking at the journal, and he keeps brushing his hand through his now short hair, so very similar to how it used to be. He looks... tired, depressed and stressed, as if a whole ton of weight was just added to his shoulders.]

Everyone, I... [How does he even start? He didn't have to do anything like this after Yulia City.] I guess I don't really know what to say. Heh... pretty pathetic, right?

[No, that's not good enough. It sounds like an excuse to not talk to anyone. He shuts his eyes and takes in a deep breath.] ... I'm sorry. A lot of you saw me with long hair, and... I probably treated you badly. That...

That person was who I once was. The Malnosso did something to me to make me forget everything that happened back in my world. I... [Killed hundreds. Thousands. I was manipulated and betrayed by the only person I trusted at the time, and I was tossed away like a piece of trash, and I was abandoned...] ... went through a lot to make me who I am today. I'm still not a good person. But I learned in my world... I guess you could say it made me open my eyes to who I was.

I'm not going to be that person anymore. I promise all of you that. And... [I'm sorry, I'm so, so sorry -] I know I can't apologize enough for everything I said or did, even though I want to. But I want to do anything I can to let everyone know that I won't ever be like that again. I'm not that person anymore. [I'm not even the real Luke.] So... If anyone wants me to do something for them, anything, or... has any questions, just... talk to me.

[He finally looks at the little camera.]

... I'm sorry.

[After another hour or two to himself, Luke walks out of the apartment building and tries to find whoever he met when he still had long hair. Whoever he was particularly nasty to... to apologize to their faces. To own up to what he did and take responsibility, not from hiding behind a book, but face to face.

He especially looks for Noel. After what he said to her... He needs to see her now.]

015 [Written/Voice]

[The handwriting that suddenly appears is very sloppy, but still somewhat readable. It's a combination of being drugged, having messy handwriting in the first place, and having a cast on his arm to have to work around.]

I don't really remember what happened, so I'll try to write what I can here.

A weird girl attacked us while I was practicing with Master Van. She sang this song that made us all sleepy (a "fonic hymn", he called it... What's that?). I tried to stop her, but all of a sudden this... incredible power appeared between us, and next thing I knew I woke up here without a shirt on.

I don't see that girl anywhere... She probably ran off. She'd better not be going to attack Master Van again! That girl's got a lot of nerve, barging in on our practice session like that! If I see her again...!

Whatever that power was, it threw me somewhere I'm not familiar with. And it took my shirt and my pants! Now I've got these scratchy white pants, and I'm in the middle of some forest! I don't know how to get back, but I remember Master Van saying that moss grows on the... south side of a tree, so I guess I'll

[The writing suddenly stops. After a moment, the video button is accidentally brushed against as the writer appears to be busy flipping between pages with an ever increasing frown. The writer himself has the exact face and hair color of one Luke fon Fabre, but something seems... different about him. His hair is much longer, and the ends of his hair fade to a blond color, just like his wings, which he has not noticed yet. After a few more seconds of looking at the pages, he clenches his teeth and growls, and that's the last you'll see of him from the journal, because he just threw it aside.]

This isn't even my diary! Dammit, where the hell am I?!

[He gets up and glares off in the distance. And though you can't see him, you can certainly hear him as he yells off in a random direction.]

Hey, girl! Come out here and face up to what you did! You're a Malkuth soldier, aren't you? Are you trying to kidnap me again?! When my father hears that you kidnapped the son of Duke Fabre again, you'll be sorry you even tried attacking us!


And what the hell did you put on my arm?!

[He's not talking to anyone in particular. In fact, he really wishes he'd hear a response. He's mostly yelling just to get some kind of answer – even that girl would be nice by now. Luke has no idea where he is, nor how to get back... Maybe she'll know.]

[[ooc: Replies will be made with bratacus! And for the record, the Malnosso healed all his injuries; they were just too lazy to take the cast off. If anyone came to visit him while he was in the clinic, he probably got them to sign their name on it, so. Just a little tidbit.]]


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